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Grading Scale

Grading system and ECTS Grading equivalence

In France, courses are evaluated on a scale of 20. 20 is the best result possible (very exceptional in France) while 0 is the worst result possible. 10 or more is generally required for a course to be validated.

An ECTS grading is associated to the classical French grading systems. The equivalence is the following:

Grade on a scale of 20

ECTS equivalent grade


18-20 A Outstanding result
16-18 B Excellent result
14-16 C Very good result
12-14 D Good result
10-12 E Fair result
<10 F Course failed


Second Chance exams

If a course is not validated (Grade F) after completion of the semester, a second exam can be taken by the student approximately 1 or 2 months after the end of the course. In case of need, you may do the retake exam in your home university if the latter is open at this moment. If the second exam is a success, the course will be validated and the ECTS earned.

Date of update July 6, 2017

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