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Looking for accomodation

To find your “home sweet home”, you can contact the CROUS agency, which will give you all information you need for house-hunting and allowances you can apply for. You can also look on the student housing office “LoKaviZ” to find a CROUS residence or accomodation through a private landlord: Should you have any question or any problem, the School’s International office can help you.
Different kinds of residences are available. You can choose between CROUS residences (studios, one-roomed appartments or two-roomed appartments), private student residences, social housing, or accomodation through a private individual: you can have temporary accomodation when arriving, and then find your own accomodation in town, alone or sharing a flat (less expensive and more friendly), thanks to ads available on

Students residences

A list is available on the Internet portal:


You can also get recommendations and tips from associations and student unions:

Accomodation through a private individual

Have a look at the classified ads available on:

Social Housing


Accomodation on arrival in case of need

If your accommodation is not available when you arrive, here are tips for possible temporary addresses:

Written by Xavier Oster

Date of update November 22, 2018

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