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Looking for accomodation

To find your “home sweet home”, you can contact the CROUS agency, which will give you all information you need for house-hunting and allowances you can apply for. You can also look on the student housing office “LoKaviZ” to find a CROUS residence or accomodation through a private landlord: Should you have any question or any problem, the School’s International office can help you.
Different kinds of residences are available. You can choose between CROUS residences (studios, one-roomed appartments or two-roomed appartments), private student residences, social housing, or accomodation through a private individual: you can have temporary accomodation when arriving, and then find your own accomodation in town, alone or sharing a flat (less expensive and more friendly), thanks to ads available on

CROUS residences

CROUS accomodations are equipped with telephone and TV sockets, and individual electric heating. Wifi is available in all CROUS residences. 
Complete list of residences with details and rents on:

Other Students residences

A list is available on the Internet portal:


You can also get recommendations and tips from associations and student unions:

Accomodation through a private individual

Have a look at the classified ads available on:

Social Housing


Accomodation on arrival in case of need

If your accommodation is not available when you arrive, here are tips for possible temporary addresses:

Written by Xavier Oster

Date of update November 2, 2015

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