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Exchange Students

With some partner universities, we propose:

1) One or two semesters of exchange in our school.

We ask you to register to a total of 20 to 35 ECTS each semester. All courses that we offer can be chosen including the Master MISTRE. However, if you choose courses in the year 4 and the year 5, for example, we do not guarantee that there will not be conflicts in your time schedule. If you follow a semester that we propose to our graduating students, then, this kind of problem does not exist anymore. This is the reason why we suggest you to do so, but it is not mandatory.

2) Master MISTRE

We gladly accept that exchange student follow that program in order to get the diploma. However we ask you to:
  • Apply like a classical exchange student (see below)
  • Specificaly apply to MISTRE. Click here
Please note that you can be accepted as an exchange student but not for the Master MISTRE.

3) Double Diploma programs.

With some universities, in addition to classical bi-lateral exchange programs, we have agreements for double diploma. If you enroll for this, you come here for 3 or 4 semesters. You become one of our graduating students. Thus, you follow the same program as all our future graduates. The difference is that, thanks to the agreement with your home university which will recognize our teaching program, you will obtain their diploma too. This is thus a very attractive opportunity.

How to apply as exchange student?

You have to contact the International Office of your university and check with them if a formal agreement exists between your home institution and Grenoble INP. If so, they will tell you how to apply, because everything starts with your home institution. Indeed, they have to select you, to accept your courses proposal and to nominate you to us.
If there is no formal agreement and your home university would be interested in signing one with us, the International Office of your home university has to contact us.

Where to apply?

Everything is ok with your home institution and your are nominated to come here. Then, you have to apply thanks to the online registration form at the link provided for:
- Fall Semester: from February to mid-April.
- Winter Semester (restricted): from February to mid-October.
 Click here


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Phone: (+33) 4 75 75 93 85

Date of update December 14, 2017

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