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Read what some international students say about their stay here at Esisar. Have an insight into the abroad experiences of students and teachers from Esisar. 

Current Esisar globetrotters: we are looking forward to your feedback! Share postcards, pictures, e-mails, tweets or Facebook messages about your stay!

* Esisar can not be held responsible for the opinions expressed or statements made in this topic, which may not necessarily reflect the view nor the official position of the School itself.

Date of update November 2, 2015

Grenoble INP - Esisar
Grenoble INP - Esisar
50 rue Barthélémy de Laffemas CS 10054
​​​​​​​26902 Valence Cedex 09 - France
Tél : 04 75 75 94 00 - Fax : 04 75 43 56 42
Université Grenoble Alpes