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Explore and Enjoy!

When you think about France, you think about gastronomy, nature, art, etc.
In Valence, you'll be close to all of this! So much to do and explore within 2 hours transport!!!
  • From Paris to Marseille and from the Mediterranean sea to the French Alps!
  • Enjoy food, nature, sport and so much more!!!
  • Beautiful and safe!

Sport and nature

If you love sport and nature, you'll never rest!
  • Beautiful small villages
  • Vercors mountains <1h: skiing, hiking, cycling, etc.
  • Mediterranean sea <1h
  • Ardeche just nearby known for caves, rivers, etc.

Vercors Drome
Tain Vercors





Valence and the Drôme region is known as the orchard of France:
  • 1st organic producer in France!!!
  • Huge variety of fresh products from kiwis to apricots, cherries, figues, olives, etc!
  • Home of one of the few female chefs with a 3-star Michelin, Anne-Sophie Pic
  • in the Rhône valley with the famous Rhône wines

Date of update February 15, 2022

Contact :
Phone: (+33) 4 75 75 93 85

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