Esisar rubrique International 2022

Practical information


For your future French “home sweet home”, different kind of residences are available. You can choose between private student residences, social housing, accommodation through a private individual or CROUS residences (i.e. university residences).

Please note that international students are eligible for State Housing benefits!!!

When you are coming from a partner university, we can help you in finding the right accommodation.

See more details on Accommodation in the International student handbook.

Visa and immigration procedures

You are concerned with this issue if you come from a non-European country. When applying to our school for an exchange, or before applying for IMESS Master, you must contact the French Embassy or consulate in your home country or the Center “Etudes en France”, if you have one in your country.

See more details on Visa and immigration procedures in the International student handbook.

Arrival and transportation

Travel to Valence

Health care

Health care in France is one of the best in the world.

In France, Health Insurance is mandatory. Whatever your nationality is, you are entitled to register to the Social Health Insurance.

As the French social health insurance covers only 70% of basic medical fees, we strongly advise you to take out an extended insurance.

See more details on Health care in the International student handbook.

Bank and insurance

Upon arrival, you will need to set up a bank account in France. This will be needed for state housing benefits, rent payment, home insurance (compulsory for your accommodation), liability insurance (compulsory for your studies) and all expenses you will have in France.

The student association has a partnership with a bank and we can help you in setting up your account.

See more details on Bank and insurance in the International student handbook.


There are cafeterias and canteens located nearby universities and the main student life’s places. There is one university canteen just nearby Esisar where you can have lunch where it will cost 3.25€ for the basic lunch.

There are many different options for grocery shoppings depending on where you live: from small supermarkets to malls, outdoor food markets, local producers,etc.

Drôme county is the 1st organic producer in France and you can then have fresh and high quality food.

See more details on Food in the International student handbook.


Living costs estimate

CVEC (Campus Life) 91€ (free for exchange students)
OFII (for non-EU students) 60€
Extended health insurance From 66€/year
Liability + Home Insurance 40-60€/year
Rent From 250€ to 500€/month
Electricity Minimum 30€/month
Food Approx. 200€/month
Bus pass in Valence 100€/year
Internet & Telephone 10-60€

More information in the International student handbook.