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Industrial Project


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A Unique Partnership: Close Collaboration between Industries and University

The originality of the Industrial Projects lies in their organization: a project proposed by a company and realized within Esisar in very close collaboration with that same company. Industrial projects are done by a group of 3 to 4 students who work full time for 6 months on a specific real-world problematic. The group is followed by an Esisar professor (or equivalent) and at the same time by a person of the industry you work for.

Each project has its own room (approximately 25m²) for the whole project duration. Also, each student has its computer. Finally, all the specific and necessary material is supplied either by Esisar or by the company.

The Industrial Project is a first real working experience where the best of university and industries combines for your training.

  Projet industriel

Technical and scientific themes

Projects themes are usually multidisciplinary. Thus, projects may combine themes belonging more to the Embedded Systems field or to the IT one or may be a mixed of the two.

More specifically, the projects of the Embedded Systems field concern the design and development of communicating embedded systems. So several mature and up to date technologies are integrated in a system.

The projects of the IT field focus on computer engineering, web technologies, databases, Big Data, virtualization and so on.


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List of Companies

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Do I have to come with a project proposal?

No, Esisar finds all the projects and proposes an exhaustive list of projects each year. By exhaustive, here we are meaning that we have as many projects as necessary for all the students but not more.

How do I choose my project?

Each exchange student has a priority in the choice of a project. Each student is interviewed by the coordinator of the project to identify projects that would best fit to its formation and its interest. This interview usually occurs in October or November.

Can I work with my best friend coming from the same university?

No. We allow only one exchange-student per project. Other students are our « regular students ». In that way, the integration is faster and the experience showed us that it is the best way to fully appreciate your time in France.

When do I choose my project?

Usually, all projects are known at the beginning of December. The choice is thus made and validated at that period.

What is the language used during the projects?

Most of the projects are done in French. Some projects can be done in English. That has to be decided with the coordinator, but it is possible.

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Date of update July 3, 2017

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