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Exchange Students

You are registered in an engineering program somewhere in the world and you would like to join us as a visiting student. This might be possible. Learn more.


Graduating Students in engineering

You do not have the French nationality and you would like to join us as a “regular” student to obtain our diploma. This is possible.
Important: if you are not living in France, you must fulfill the process asked by Campus France. This is mandatory to obtain your entrance visa.
If you already live in France, you don’t have to go through this process again.

Worth knowing

•   The admission process takes place during the winter for a beginning of classes in the Fall Semester. There is no admission for the Winter Semester.
•  We ask that, by the time you start your courses at Esisar, your French level must be at least “B2”.

Learn more on how to become a Graduating Student.

MISTRE Master Students

All information about application are on the MISTRE page.
This master is open for international students, all courses are taught in english (level B2 required).

Grants and Fundings

In addition to the financial support you can get from your home country, you can benefit from scholarships under certain conditions. Here are some scholarships to which you might apply (be sure to read all conditions):


In order to help you in your search for financing options, visit CampusBourses, a grant search engine allowing you to find scholarships for which you may be eligible, according to your profile. The search engine presents the scholarship programmes offered by governments, local authorities, businesses, foundations and higher education institutions.

Date of update November 22, 2018

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