Esisar rubrique Formation 2022

Grading Scale

Grading system and Grading equivalence

In France, courses are graded on a scale of 20 where 20 is the best result possible (very exceptional in France) and 0 is the worst result possible. 10 or more is generally required for a course or a semester to be validated.

Then for international mobility, grades are translated into the ECTS grading system.

European ECTS grading system

This scale gives the distribution of all students' grades within the class.

Grade Approx. % of successful students achieving the grade Definition
A 10 EXCELLENT - Outstanding performance
B 25 VERY GOOD - Above the average standard
C 30 GOOD - Generally sound work
D 25 SATISFACTORY - Fair but significant shortcomings
E 10 SUFFICIENT - Performance meets the minimum criteria
F Failed

Second Chance exams

If a course is not passed (Grade F) after completion of the semester, students can resit a second exam approximately 1 or 2 months after the end of the course. If necessary, you may retake the exam at your home university if the latter is open at this time. If the second exam is successful, the course will be validated and the corresponding ECTS credits awarded.

What is a grande école ?

French engineering curriculum

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