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Language of Instruction

Language of Instruction

At Esisar, most of the courses are taught in French except our International Master in Embedded Systems Security taught entirely in English. Also some Industrial projects may be carried out in English.

Since 2001, France has used the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL), established by the Council of Europe.

Language requirements

Exchange students taking courses taught in French should have a level of French of at least A2.

Foreign students applying for the Engineering degree should have a level of French of at least B2. In order to graduate with the Engineering degree, all students must take an official English test and pass with a minimum B2 level.

Extra-Time for Exams

We understand that it is harder to take exams in French when French is not your mother tongue.Then in order to offset this difficulty, international students benefit from extra time (1/3 time more) to write exams or from an adjustment of written and oral tests. Bilingual paper dictionaries are always allowed during exams.

French as a foreign language


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