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Arriving - How To Get To Valence


Welcome! Please find here our 2019-2020 International Student Handbook


Find your way!

You are will arrive in France by train, plane, coach...
Here is how to get to Valence:

… From Paris

If you travel by plane, you can come to Valence from Orly or Roissy airport. You can get a TGV (“Train Grande Vitesse”, high speed train) from the airport or from Paris Gare de Lyon, and reach Valence within 2 hours.

… From Lyon

The Lyon-St Exupéry international airport is located in the South of Lyon. You can get in a TGV directly from the train-station located in the airport. With the TGV, Valence is only half an hour from Lyon.

… From Grenoble

Valence is 1h10 from Grenoble by train.

Worth knowing:

Be careful: some trains lead you directly to Valence-Ville train station, but some stop at Valence-TGV train station. From the latter you have to take a bus or another train (Valence-TGV is about 10 minutes from Valence by train (TER) or 20 minutes by bus (interCitea). You may have to wait for a little while to take the next bus or train).

If you travel quite often, you could be interested in the discount SNCF card "18-27", that allows you to travel at a reduced price on the French train network: 25 % to 50% off, depends of the periode, during one year. It costs €50.

To book your train tickets, find information on train departures and arrival times and get real-time updates on train status across the network:
For regional rail travels in Rhône-Alpes, see specifically: An SNCF railcard for students aged 26 and under (“TER Illico Liberté Jeunes”) is also available:

...from Valence train-station to your hall of residence

Before your arrival, when your trip is booked, we would like you to inform us by mail of your date of arrival in Valence city. We also strongly recommend you to inform the ESN Valence student association. They will do their best to meet you at the station and drive you to your residence on arrival. They will also tell you where all the shops and ammenities are and everything worth knowing on your arrival to ensure you have a good stay.

If the ESN association is not available to meet you, once at the Valence-Ville train-station, you can either walk, take a taxi (quite expensive), or take a bus (at pôle bus station, 5 minutes away from the station, turn right outside the station).

Date of update June 5, 2019

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