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Looking for accomodation

For your future French “home sweet home”, different kind of residences are available. You can choose between private student residences, social housing, accommodation through a private individual or CROUS residences (i.e. university residences): studios, one-room apartments or two-room apartments.
For your accommodation, Esisar’s International Office highly recommends you to choose accommodation through a private individual. The cost compared to public housing is not so different, but the quality and services offered are much better. We do not provide any assistance for public university residences in Valence.
You can have temporary accommodation when arriving, and then find by yourself accommodation in town, alone or sharing a flat (less expensive and more friendly).


Private students residences

A list is available on the Internet portal: Etudier en Drôme-Ardèche [FR].
- Résidence Faventines : contact the school for this residence.
- Résidence Le Valencey
- Résidences Cap’Etudes
- Résidences Studélites
- Résidence Ionesco


You can also get recommendations and tips from associations and student unions:
  • AVE (“Association Valentinoise des Etudiants”) : provides housing ads on its website : or at the Maison de l’étudiant Drôme-Ardèche – Place Latour-Maubourg – 26000 Valence. Phone : 04 75 55 43 42. Email:
  • Solidarité Habitats : Intergenerational cohabitation : accomodation in exchange for a presence, occasional help or limited financial participation. Ecosite du Val de Drôme – 26400 Eurre. Phone: 04 75 55 34 42 / 06 31 74 48 88. Website:

Accomodation through a private individual

Have a look at the classified ads available on:
- Le Bon Coin:
- LoKaviZ :

Social Housing


Accomodation on arrival in case of need

If your accommodation is not available when you arrive, here are tips for possible temporary addresses:

Date of update May 22, 2019

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