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Experience Esisar

Esisar being a small school, you'll be able to make friends easily and experience the French student life!

Clubs and associations

Cercle The “Cercle”:

Each engineering school in France has a student union. At Esisar, the “Cercle” is responsible for the student community life at the school. They organise social events and parties and help you to integrate within Esisar.

Erasmus Student Network (ESN Valence):

Helps you upon arrival with the help of a Drôme-Ardèche Student as “godfather”: administrative issues, discovery of the city, important places such as pharmacies, bakeries, hospitals, ... everything worth knowing to ensure you have a good stay. The association also organizes different kinds of parties and events all along the year.

AVE (“Association Valentinoise des Etudiants”):

With its network of associations, the AVE organises great events, such as the Student’s Challenge (“Challenge de l’étudiant”, a competition where students from high schools and universities compete with each other) or the Student’s Gala (“Gala de l’étudiant”). The AVE also offers many activities (bowling, Laser game...) and services (jobs, housing...) on its website.
Maison de l’étudiant Drôme-Ardèche – Place Latour-Maubourg – 26000 Valence.
Email: Ave Asso.

Some clubs at Esisar

  • Esifly
  • Esiglisse
  • Musisar
  • Kr[HACK]en
Esifly Esiglisse

Musisar Krhacken

Some big events

  • Fresher's week
  • Grenoble INP olympics
  • Student gala organised by AVE
  • Esisar Gala
  • Valence student challenge (Esisar at the top!)
  • CSAW

Student gala


Grenoble INP Alumni

With approx. 70,000 members, Grenoble INP alumni association reprensents a valuable network all over the world. Active members organize events such as conferences or parties. Members have also access to specific job offers and CV library.

Services on campus

You'll be able to use the different facilities on the UGA campus:
  • student cafeteria
  • library
  • sport centre
  • university restaurant

Download the Valence Campus Map

Date of update November 4, 2020

Contact :
Phone: (+33) 4 75 75 93 85

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