Alumna testimony: Axelle Le Poursot

Our engineers go abroad!

Axelle finished her degree in 2020 with a Final year project in the automotive industry in Germany and decided to stay longer in Germany with the International Volunteers in Business program. 
Here is a brief story about her experience working abroad!

"In a context of increasing globalization, international experience is an important step in the education of engineers.

At Esisar, we have the opportunity to do different types of international experiences - technician internship, end-of-study project, academic semester, linguistic or humanitarian internship... To take full advantage of this enriching experience, I chose to do my end-of-study project in Germany.

Being interested in the automotive world, I wanted to combine my passion with the training I received in embedded systems. Indeed, since the 80's, our vehicles have more and more embedded and complex systems, used for engine, comfort or safety. So, if I talk about cars, unlimited speed highways, or Robert Bosch GmbH, which country comes to your mind? Germany, right? That’s why I chose to make my experience there:

“Willkommen in Deutschland!”

Arriving in a country that you don't know and whose language you don't speak, can be complicated at first hand. For example, you must register your arrival with the authorities, but they only speak German. Not easy, isn’t it? However, I have been lucky enough to have some support from my company to help me settle in. Axelle Le Poursot

Unfortunately, because of the Covid-19 pandemic, my international experience was not as enriching as I had hoped. Therefore, I took the decision to extend my stay in Germany for one more year with the help of a V.I.E. (Volontariat International en Entreprise) which allowed me to live and appreciate the richness of a country and a different culture than France.

At the end of this adventure, I was able to discover the German culture and professional environment, bringing me some hindsight as an engineer for future collaborations with foreign teams."

Axelle Le Poursot
Engineer in Embedded Systems
Grenoble INP - Esisar - 2020 Graduation Cohort - Embedded Systems specialisation (CyberEdu certified) - Digital communication systems (SCN)

credits: Kevin Lienerth