A look back on a day rich in events!

The 6th edition of CSAW Europe was held from November 9th to 11th in Valence again and gathered 97 finalists representing more than 38 European universities from 13 different countries. They competed in 4 competitions in front of 15 judges, all of whom are recognized experts in cybersecurity from industry and academia.
The prize for each competition was €300 for the 3rd place, €500 for the 2nd place and €700 for the 1st place.


Capture the Flag competition

After 48 hours of qualifying round last September, the 15 best European teams competed online in an extremely difficult 36-hour non-stop final competition, trying to solve a set of cybersecurity challenges and score the highest number of points.

The champions:
First place - Tower of Hanoi, Politecnico di Milano, Italy
Second place - STT, Instituto Superior Tecnico, Portugal
Third place - m0unt41n, ETH Zürich, EPFL Lausanne, Hochschule Luzern, Switzerland
towerofhanoi                   stt             m0unt41n

RED Team Competition

This year, 9 finalist teams of French high school students competed in the final of the RED Team Competition organized in partnership with the Root-me pro platform and the Esisar Kr[hack]en club. During 7 hours, they had to determine how a hacker managed to hack a TV news by implementing cybersecurity methods such as digital investigation, vulnerability recognition and penetration testing.

The ranking:
First place - Tourist, Lycée Charlemagne, Paris
Second place - LAMHack, Lycée Champollion, Grenoble
Third place - St Barth's goin2 Valence, Lycée Saint Barthélémy, Nice


Embedded Security Challenge

The Embedded Security Challenge is dedicated to embedded systems: this year, the challenge was about machine learning attacks targeting cloud service providers to exfiltrate sensitive data. The final competition consisted in two parts for the finalist teams: a presentation of their project in front of a panel of industry experts and a live challenge on the day of the competition. This particularly hard competition requires advanced knowledge of embedded systems and generated significant research work upstream.

The winners:
First place - UCST, University of Piraeus, Greece & VU Amsterdam, Netherlands
Second place - The Poulpy's Team, Grenoble INP - Esisar, UGA, France
Third place - pwnthem0le, Politecnico di Torino, Italy & Eurecom, France


Applied Research Competition

The event brought together the elite of young cybersecurity researchers who have published in the most prestigious cybersecurity conferences over the past year. During the final, the authors presented their research to a panel of experts and pitched their project for 3 minutes in front of the general public. The judges had the tough task of deciding between the finalists, as each of the works presented were particularly impressive with a significant impact on future security techniques.

The winners:
First place - Karel Kubicek, ETH Zurich, Switzerland, for his paper: "Automating Cookie Consent and GDPR Violation Detection"
Second place – Simon Rohlmann, Ruhr Universitat Bochum, Germany, for his paper: "Oops… Code Execution and Content Spoofing: The first Comprehensive Analysis of OpenDocument Signatures"
Third place – Moritz Schloegel, Ruhr Universitat Bochum, Germany, for his paper: "Loki: Hardening Code Obfuscation Against Automated Attacks"


Addressing the cybersecurity talent shortage

CSAW was also an opportunity to highlight the partner companies and institutions. They could present their activities, promote their expertise and detect future cybersecurity talents thanks to their presence on dedicated stands.
Two events took place in parallel, which gave rise to a series of conferences for companies:

  • Cyberday, organized by our partner Auvergne Rhône-Alpes Entreprises, which presented the challenges and opportunities of cybersecurity.
  • Cybersecurity & economic and industrial security day, organized by our partner Minalogic on the protection of strategic assets and cybersecurity for industries.

Raising public awareness and creating vocations

Beyond the competitions, CSAW allows us to raise the awareness of the general public to the professions and the stakes of cybersecurity. This year, we welcomed 8 primary school classes and 2 high school classes who could discover the fields of electronics, robotics and cybersecurity and discuss with our students, finalists, teachers and partner companies. Objective: to awaken vocations among the youngest!
Conferences were offered to the public to discover the career and experience of the Ethical Hacker Rémi Gascou and Manon Dubien of the CEFCYS (Cercle des femmes de la cybersécurité).
A Twitch live showcasing the best moments of the event, hosted by Fred Moulin and a team of streamers from Esisar, allowed to cover the event in video. Discover the live here.
The day ended with a concert of the school's Musisar music club during the social event in downtown Valence.

We thank all participants for taking part in the 6th edition of CSAW Europe!

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Crédits photos: Olivier Devise

A HUGE THANK YOU to NYU Tandon School of engineering for organising CSAW worldwide and to all our partners of the 6th edition of CSAW Europe who made this event exceptional!

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