Poulpy robot

Esisar’s Computer Club facing big challenges!

Esisar’s Computer Club participated in two exciting events in May: the French Robotics Cup and the Persycup Challenge.
The French Robotics Cup (4-7 May 2016):
The French Robotics Cup is a playful, scientific and technical challenge, dedicated to passionate amateurs or to young people with an educational project.
This meeting allows the exchange of knowledge and expertise among the players, who are organized in teams.

The participants have to design and realize an autonomous robot, able to play matches and complying with the rules but also with the spirit of the event. The challengers can be coached by a teacher, but the design and construction of the robots must be their own invention.

This year, Esisar’s Computer Club presented two teams to this long-awaited event.

Here is the final ranking:
- Team Esisar_1 (LeviaBot) has ranked 29th and 1st among all Rhône-Alpes Auvergne schools with 4 wins and 1 loss
- Team Esisar_2 (RastaBot) has ranked 132nd (with 1 win and 2 losses and 2 ruled-outs).

The Persycup Challenge (May, 19th)
This Challenge involves 2 teams and 2 autonomous robots competing for 90 seconds. The aim is to recover the maximum of points.

This year, the general theme of the Persycup was the beachside and the robots were supposed to: 
- Close the door of the cabins (10 points / door)
- catch a fish (5 points), and put it in the net  (+5 points)
- Collect a shell (stars) and put it in the starting area (2 points / shell)
- Bring the blocks back in the construction area (2 points per block+ bonus if building)
- Open a beach umbrella (20 points)
The Computer Club ranked 3rd in the overall ranking and 1st in the academic ranking.
Congratulations to all the teams for their participation and results!