Great Visit of Lyon and Commited Testimony of a Student

Eleven students from Esisar in the bus on October, 13th, ready for a trip to Lyon. The aim? Getting to Place Bellecour for the International Welcome Day organized by the Agera (Alliance des Grandes Ecoles in the Rhône-Alpes), as every year since 2000.
This time the event has brought together over 330 students from 20 high schools, representing 58 nationalities and 30 languages.

Grenoble INP has taken part with 31 students in total, including 11 students from the Esisar.
Our students have enjoyed a guided tour in Lyon’s Old Town: strolling through the city’s paved alleyways and learning about the traboules (passageways), venturing into the city’s cathedral and marveling at the 19th century silk handcrafting machine in the Soierie Saint-Georges, one of the only three silk-weaving boutiques still using the Jacquard loom.

The visit has been followed by an official welcome to the Rhone-Alpes Region headquarters in La Confluence, with testimonials of students about their mobility experience. Among the five testimonials, Hamilton Querino de Carvalho, fifth-year Brasilian student in Esisar, has brilliantly represented our School: his noteworthy commitment and enthusiasm have been appreciated.

The day has ended with a cocktail offered to the students who were delighted with this tour allowing them to know each other better and exchange their experiences.