"MISTRE was the obvious choice" - Bogdan's Testimony

Bogdan is a double-degree MISTRE student, enrolled both in Grenoble INP – Esisar and his home university Politehnica University of Bucharest in Romania. He accepted to answer some questions about his experience in Esisar. Thank you Bogdan !
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- Hello Bogdan ! Can you introduce yourself ?

Hello! My name is Bogdan Gheorghe, I am 23 years old, and I am from Romania. My main field of interest is control engineering, with applications in: transportation, UAVs, and robotics. In my free time I like to practice sports (e.g., running), and I am also a committed two wheeler rider.

- Why did you choose Esisar and MISTRE master?

I chose Esisar because Grenoble INP group is one of the best Institutes in France and, in particular, Esisar is an engineering school with high educational standards. MISTRE master was the obvious choice for me because I am interested in Embedded Systems. And it was important for me to get a double-degree for the flexibility that it offers: try something new, and reach the level I aim for one year earlier.


- What do you think of Esisar? Bogdan G

People are the most important resource, and at Esisar I have always felt that I can find the right person, who will also be willing to help me. Another aspect that impressed me is that Esisar provides high tech equipment for educational and research purposes, which is essential for implementing theory into practice (e.g., positioning systems for drones).


"Esisar provides high tech equipment for educational and research purposes, which is essential for implementing theory into practice"

- And what about Valence?

Valence is my favorite part from this experience. On one hand, it is a small city where you can always find something to do (e.g., sport/social activities). The air quality is good, and every part of the city is easily accessible from everywhere. On the other hand, Valence is an important economic center, which also has very good connections to important cities/tourist attractions.


- What are the strengths and weaknesses of this MISTRE training according to you?

The strengths of the MISTRE Master’s program are: cutting edge technology, international experience integrated in a French environment. I also felt that there is more practical work than theoretical, which is something that I enjoy. On the weaker side, I would like Esisar to be open and available for students even on weekends.

- What do you plan to do after this Master year?

In the medium term I am considering pursuing a PhD, and in the long term my ideal job would be research engineer in the automotive industry.

- Would you recommend this Master training to other students?

Yes, I confidently recommend this Master’s program to potential applicants. My advice is: analyze each course description from the educational program (available online), and if it suits your interests and situation, you should go further with the application process.

Thanks a lot Bogdan !


If you also want to apply for our nternational Master in in Embedded Systems Security (IMESS, formerly MISTRE), you can find all information on our webpage