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Epistemology - 4AMEP401

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    • Lectures 4.5
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    ECTS 0.0


  • to complement the training of engineering students with general knowledge on the history of science, epistemology and the interactions between science, technology and society
  • to provide some understanding of the dynamic nature of scientific thought and the science/society dialectic
  • to develop students' capacity for debate, preparing them to participate in public debate both as citizens and as future experts in the implementation of certain technologies




  • Technology and civilisation: the main steps
  • Technology and civilisation: differential analysis
  • A different subject chosen every year, e.g.:
    • Mathematics: discovery or invention?
    • Darwin, the evolution of species
    • Space, time, matter, energy, cosmology and the question of the origin
    • The digital revolution and artificial intelligence: impacts, limits, dangers
    • How to conduct a citizen debate in relation to scientific knowledge

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Any general BSc training in science


No evaluation


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