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Industrial project - 4AMPX452

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    • Projects 690.0
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    ECTS 25.0


This module's main objective is to allow a true professional experience facilitating employability. This specific project ordered by a client company, focuses on the development of tools or benchmarks on a feasibility study, a model, a prototype ...

The main characteristics of the industrial project are a training period per 6 months project full time, in teams of 3 students (about 24 project teams ) to a partner company. Each team is supervised by a tutor, has a dedicated office in the school, a specific technical and logistical support.

The industrial project allows setting actual situation of students with business constraints. This is to implement the knowledge acquired during training, acquire new in relation to the subject and finally implement the project management approach.


Emmanuel BRUN


During the project, students will:

  • Understand the functional need expressed by a company
  • Analyze the expression of need and write functional and technical specifications
  • Implement management practices.. project planning and resource management.
  • Write product specifications or study.
  • Design and develop the application.
  • Manage procurement and subcontracting where applicable.
  • Perform unit testing, integration and functional.
  • Make recipe of project deliverables with the business.
  • Ensure the transfer of technology and knowledge to the partner.

The goal is to complete the project on time, get the results announced, and manage the relationship with a client.
Acquired are both academic, human and professional.


PI411 teaching


  • 3 reviews for the project with oral defenses before a jury note and a continuous mark by the tutor
  • 1 company's mark


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