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Industrial Project maquette

A Unique Partnership: Close Collaboration between Industries and University

Post It The Industrial Projects are unique. They consist in a real project proposed and supervised by a company and carried out at Esisar in very close collaboration. They are carried out within a team of 3-4 students in their 4th year who work full time for 6 months. The group is supervised simultaneously in close collaboration by an Esisar tutor and a company tutor.
More than 500 projects have been succesfully completed with more than 300 companies from Start-ups to SMEs and international companies ( (such as Thales Avionics, Schneider Electrics, Sagem, EDF...).

Excellent project facilities

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Examples of project themes

Projects themes are usually multidisciplinary and can combine competences in Embedded Systems and IT.
  • Embedded systems: conencted objects, sensors network, communication systems, radiofrequency, instrumentation and reliability...
  • IT & Security: multiplatform softwares, infrastructure, protocols, networks, big-data, responsive HMI, virtual reality, BIM

Phases of the industrial project


Inger Berge Hagen, Exchange student from NTNU (Norway)

Testimony PI "Being an exchange student, I had the opportunity to choose the project I wanted, which was good because I was sure to get a project corresponding to my degree back home. It is a valuable experience, especially the fact that it is teamwork and the project management forces us to plan the whole project from beginning to end. It’s also about working in a team with people who don’t have exactly the same background and are from different study options. You have the support for the technical side of things, both from teachers and the company. It’s also a good experience because you are integrated in the student group and it’s impossible not to get to know people."

Students FAQ

Do I have to come with a project proposal?

No, Esisar finds all the projects and submits an exhaustive list of projects each year. By exhaustive, we mean that we have as many projects as necessary for all the students but not more.

How do I choose my project?

Exchange students can choose within the list of projects available. Students are then interviewed by the Esisar project coordinator in order to identify projects that would best fit to its curriculum and its interest. This interview usually occurs in October or November.

Can I work with my best friend coming from the same university?

No. We allow only one exchange-student per project. Other students are our "regular students". This is the best way for you to integrate and adapt to French methodology as well as making French friends and have a better experience in France.

When do I choose my project?

Usually, all projects are known by the beginning of December. The choice is thus made and approved at that time.

What is the language used during the projects?

Most of the projects are done in French but some projects can be done in English.

What is a grande école ?

French engineering curriculum

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