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Industrial Project - Testimonials

Carolyn Vieira Turnell

Double-diploma, Federal University of Campina Grande (Brazil), P2013
Permanent position at Altrans, on a mission for advising Bosch Company in Germany

"The industrial project has been very educational in many ways. It enabled me to learn the technical bases and helped me a lot to find an internship. There were three of us working on this project carried out with the company Markem Imaje, so this was an important project on an interdisciplinary subject with a considerable workload. It is precisely this workload that helped me to develop new skills. We always knew what the other members of the team were working on, which was very educational. For industrial projects, the company and the school entrust us with an important job and this trust is great. They give us a whole project and are expecting its results, which is fine. The double management is also great: the project is supervised both by the school and by the company and we are also evaluated on how we conducted the project. Our subject was very educational since it was very complete. I never had such a complete topic in my life, covering hardware and software aspects, with graphical user interfaces development, draft specification, practical work ... Only the industrial project enabled us to cover every step, from draft specification and customer requirements analysis to development and testing. We had to manage the project from start to finish, which gave us a good overview for the future. I had included the industrial project on my CV and, considering that the project covered several aspects, this has been a huge advantage to find an internship. Then I went for an internship in Grenoble: the company, STMicroelectronics, knew the school and industrial projects, which helped tremendously. "

Inger Berge Hagen

Exchange student from NTNU (Norway), 4th year, 2015:

"Being an exchange student, I had the opportunity to choose the project I wanted, which was good because I was sure to get a project corresponding to my degree back home. It is a valuable experience, especially the fact that it is teamwork and the project management forces us to plan the whole project from beginning to end, this even if we don’t have so much experience. It’s also about working in a team with people who don’t have exactly the same background and are from different study options. You have the support for the technical side of things, both from teachers and the company, and it allows you to go deeper in the subject than you normally do. You do learn to see the use of keeping everyone up to date and actually document what you’ve been doing (we are a team of three members). It’s also a good experience because you are integrated in the student group and it’s impossible not to get to know people. So that’s a good experience and an interesting one!"

José Igor Clementino

Exchange student, Campina Grande (Brasil), 4th year, 2015:

"Our project focuses on a security system for drones, realized with the company In&motion. I chose this project because it deals with an interesting and innovative subject.
The idea of the project is to realize a security system dedicated to drones: a small card is placed on the drone to measure its speed, acceleration, altitude, longitude, etc. and depending on these data, we can detect whether the drone has a problem. If this is the case, a security system is triggered to protect the drone with an air bag, in case it would fall, in order to prevent the shock of impact. Such a system did not exist yet, except on parachutes but without any autonomy: it is the user who triggers the system, while our process is autonomous.

The project includes a research and development part and we have almost realized everything. The research and development part helps developing creativity and finding solutions to problems that, until then, had none. We are in constant contact with the company and the school offers great devices and means: we are working away from the company, but it is as if we were working inside, the organization is perfect".

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