Esisar rubrique Formation 2022

Personal evaluation report - 4AMPX417

  • ECTS

    ECTS 6.0


  • make explicit the learning outcomes from the company
  • Develop the ability to self evaluation.
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Each personal report is:

  • Prepared by the apprentice during the period in the company, according to the model provided
  • Covered by the supervisor before its diffusion.
  • Released by the educational mentor for marking.
  • Sent to the coordinator for information



two personal reports written by the apprentice and rated by his school tutor.
Rating scale:

  • Description (tasks, context means): 6 points
  • Learning (problems, knowledge used / acquired / to be acquired): 8 points
  • Conclusion: 3 points
  • Expression and presentation (clarity, syntax, spelling): 3 points

NB1: note 1 review
NB2: note the 2nd record
non-compensatable material

Additional Information

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