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Synchronous programming of Real Time systems - 4AMCS442

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    ECTS 2.5


Students should be able, from a requirements specification document:

  • to identify the inputs and outputs of the system
  • to identify its main components
  • to identify the real-time constraints
  • to implement the system using a synchronous language(e.g. Lustre/SCADE).
  • to test the system on relevant scenarios.




  • The SCADE suite (ANSYS SCADE suite)
    1. Introduction to PLC – Embedded systems - Reactive systems – Synchronous programming
    2. SCADE : Lustre language fundamentals (SCADE textual version), simulator, algorithmics, design testability
    3. Using SCADE. Failures.
    4. Advanced SCADE : clocks, arrays (map/fold)
    5. Lab : designing and implementing a SCADE application (including control and protection)
  • Programmable automata (Crouzet automation)
    1. FBD language and associated software tools
    2. Automata inputs and outputs
      Exercices : counting, signal generation, logic functions
    3. Protection index, homologations, standards.
      Exercices : computing, heater control
    4. SFC (Grafcet).
      Exercices : display, speed counter.
    5. Exercices : project on an irrigation system.


Boole algebra.
Software engineering.
Programming (in a C-like language)
Notions of finite state machines.


DS1, DS2 : Lab and written evaluations


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  • Curriculum - EIS - Semester 7
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Course ID : 4AMCS442
Course language(s): FR

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