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In order to complete your application form, you shall provide the following documents: 
  • A photocopy of your official family record book (livret de famille) or certificate of collective life, in its entirety. 
  • A certificate of your parents’ total taxable income (or your representative’s), for year N-1, including dependent persons (other than children). 
  • Your birth certificate (two copies). 


  • It is essential to have a bank account or a postal account (account with “La Poste”) in France to get through all the financial transactions (CAF housing allowance, paying your rent...). Documents required to open a bank account: ID card (passport, visa, residence permit...); Proof of address (phone or electricity bill, ...); Student card or proof of enrollment in a university.
  • The Inter’Val association can help you in this process upon arrival and allows you to get up to 60 euros to open a banking account with its financial partner. Web: Email:


You can check the different school clubs and join them (Get more information on the website:




Esisar also hosts the technological platform Esynov, dedicated to embedded systems, radiofrequencies and electromagnetic compatibility. Esynov provides unique research means in the Rhône-Alpes region to support the development of research and industrial projects with partner companies.


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The Gala is the traditional prestigious reception of the School. This annual event is organized by the School’s student union, called the “Cercle”.
You can also take part in the Grenoble INP Gala, a unique party organized by the “Grand Cercle” (Grenoble INP’s student union), with numerous shows and activities.


In France, Health Insurance is mandatory. Whatever your nationality is, you are entitled to register with the Student Social Security Cover (specific regime of the French general regime commonly named “Sécu”). Once affiliated to the French Social Security (for exceptions, check our International Student Handbook), you will be covered by insurance: a Carte Vitale (green card) is issued, providing evidence of membership and rights to French health insurance. You will thus be ensured of having an excellent social cover.


WiFi is available everywhere at School. On arrival, an Internet account will be created for you by Esisar, as well as an Eduroam account to provide you with wireless Internet access. See with the School’s computer office who will welcome you and create your personal account. This account will enable you to get access to your timetable and to the content-sharing platform “Chamilo”, dedicated to students for e-learning: some teaching resources and courses are uploaded by teachers and students on Chamilo, you can download them.


Enroll in the prestigious “Jeunes Ambassadeurs” program (“Youth Ambassadors program”) and open-up the doors of an international professional network alongside your dedicated industrial coach. 


  • The University Sports Center (“Centre sportif universitaire” – SIUAPS) offering more than 25 sports activities (the activity of your choice can either be evaluated and included in your university curriculum – for free, except extra costs for some activities – or it can be ungraded, just for your own pleasure).
    All information on costs and activities on:
  • The Valence University Club (“Valence Université Club”):
    The “mountain and climbing” section of the Valence University Club offers a climbing wall of 420 m2 and even an access to the world championship’s wall in the Polygone Hall of Valence! The body building section, comprising a weights room, a power-lifting room and a cardio-training room with bikes, rowing machines and exercise mats. Website:


Esisar hosts a research lab in the field of design and systems integration, the LCIS, which develops high-level research in strong connection with many international labs: Thus, students, teachers and researchers work under the same roof. You can also do internships at master level within the lab (provided that your application is accepted).


Esisar has a double diploma agreement with IAE.


Studying at Esisar gives you the opportunity to create your own professional network in France.



Grenoble INP - Esisar relies on several networks of quality partners from research institutions and higher education, located in various regions of the world:
  • in Europe, and Cluster  Networks (Consortium Linking Universities of Science and Technology for Education and Research);
  • in Vietnam, where the School has partnerships;
  • in Latin America, particularly through the BRAFITEC bilateral program with Brazil;
  • in North America, with ORA Networks (Ontario) and CREPUQ (Conference of Rectors and Principals of Quebec Universities).


For any question, please contact the school staff.


With an exceptional location at the crossroads of major national and European axes of communication, Rhône-Alpes is the second region in France in terms of new companies setting-up.


You don’t have to travel far for winter fun: Esisar is only one-hour away from ski-resorts and special ski outings are organized every year.
  • Ski Cup: Friendly winter sporting day, usually taking place in January.
  • Ski/Study Week: a unique skiing experience alternating between personal revisions supervised by the teachers in the morning and a breath of fresh air in the afternoon.
  • Schuss Valentinois: this sports club organizes ski activities, programs and stays in the best spots.


Once your visiting semester or visiting year is over, you receive an English “Transcript of Records”. It includes: the list of courses taken, the grades obtained, the ECTS notation and the number of ECTS credits earned. An electronic version will be sent to you and to your home university. An official paper version will also be given to you. If you are still in Valence when it is ready, we will give it directly to you, otherwise we will send it by post at the postal address you will give us.



The universities in Valence count 9,600 students (Université Joseph Fourier, Université Pierre-Mendès France, Institut d’administration des entreprises de Grenoble – IAE, Faculté de droit, Institut Universitaire Technologique, Université Stendhal, Grenoble INP - Esisar).


If you come from non-European countries, you are concerned with this issue. While applying to our school for an exchange, you must contact the French Embassy of your country and the “Centre pour les Etudes en France” (CEF), if you have one in your country. The vast majority of exchange program students is now getting a visa worth a residence permit allowing unlimited entries to France during the period of validity (validity ranging from 4 to 12 months). This visa/residence permit is called VLS-TS (« Visa Long Séjour Valant premier Titre de Séjour »).
For the documents you must provide and formalities to complete, please see with the international office on arrival.


Your stay in Valence begins with a welcoming Freshman week at the beginning of September: different parties, games and activities such as canoeing are lined up for you.


As an international student, you can benefit from an increase of one third of the time for the exams or from an adjustment of written and oral tests.



Throughout the year several events are organized at Esisar. The Student’s Challenge is one major festive day (among many others): it is a funny sporting day gathering students from different universities and high schools.
Contact :
Phone: (+33) 4 75 75 93 85

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