Esisar rubrique International 2022

Entrance in Year 1


Your high School is not a French “lycée” or its equivalent according to the AEFE

How to apply?

You apply through the following on-line application : FSA (Foreign Student Access).
Through that on-line application, you will have to provide :
- a good quality PDF version of your ID (Pass-port, or any valid ID card written in French or English)
- the academic transcripts of the last two or three years. If you are in university at the present time, the last three transcripts are mandatory. Same if you failed one year and did it again: the last three transcripts are mandatory.
If your application file is pre-selected by us, you will be informed of that and a phone interview of approximately 30 minutes will be fixed with you.

When to apply?

The FSA on-line application is open from January 20th at 0h00 to Mars 20th at 23h59. If you miss that time slot, you have to wait a full year. No exception is possible.

Application fees:

The are some fees associated with your application : 50€.
No application file will be studied until those fees are paid to the University.
You pay with a bank check to the order of: “Agent Comptable de Grenoble INP”.

You send your check by post mail to the following address:
Grenoble INP – Esisar
Ecole nationale supérieure en Systèmes Avancés et Réseaux
Service admission
50 rue Barthélémy de Laffemas BP 54
26902 Valence Cedex 9


Our decision is based on the excellence of your academics records. There are some fees associated with your application : 50€.
Final decision will be communicated at the beginning of July.


Email address:
Phone: (+33) 4 75 75 94 53.