Esisar rubrique International 2022

How to become a Graduating Student


If you have a high school diploma and you would normally enter in a university in your country,
If you have followed one year of a scientific/technical university program in your country, then you can apply for integrating the school in Year 1 of our Engineering program.

Worth knowing:

A total of 60 places are open in Year 1, French and Foreign students included.


Two different processes exist, depending on the type of high school you attended:


You are registered in a French “lycée” or its equivalent according to the AEFE

Then, you do know French language very well, please go and see the French version of our Website where the procedure is well explained.

Your high School is not a French “lycée” or its equivalent according to the AEFE

Check out all the procedure on this page.

ENGINEERING PROGRAM: Entrance in Year 3 or 4

You have a bachelor or a master degree in a scientific/technical program, then you can apply either in year 3 or year 4. More specifically, we ask students to have :
•    Good knowledge of mathematics,
•    Sufficient knowledge in computer sciences (for both Embedded Systems and IT fields),
•    Sufficient knowledge in electronics (for Embedded Systems field).

Worth knowing:

•    A total of 48 places are open in Year 3, French and foreign students included. Much fewer places are open in Year 4. This varies from year to year.

•    Indicate us in your application file the year you would prefer to enter school, but according to your application file, we will not necessarily follow your preference.
•    Admission in Year 5 is impossible because every student must attend at least 2 years of physical presence in an Engineering school to get a diploma of Engineer, according to the French law.

Two different processes exist depending on your current program of study:

Your are attending preparatory classes equivalent to the one we have in France

Check out this page for more information

You are not concerned by the previous case. Then, you can apply through an application file

Check out this page for more information



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