At Esisar, life paths are as numerous as students. English-speaking international students arriving in last year for the MISTRE master program come from all over the world. With their own cultural and educational background, they create a wonderful emulation in our school.

One of them, Prisca, arrived in 2018 from Rwanda. Now a graduate, she is based in Valence. Engineer in a partner company of the school, Prisca gives us her testimony:

My name is Prisca ABIZEYIMANA, I attended the specialized master of Grenoble INP - Esisar in Integration, security and trust of embedded systems. Today, I work at PONANT technologies as a software engineer.

I came to Esisar because of my dream to work in the embedded systems field. After my bachelor's degree, I looked for a program that can provide me with practical skills in this fiel. I found Esisar, which provides a master's program called MISTRE, specialized in the security of embedded systems. What’s more, Esisar offers an innovation project and an internship bringing experience in the world of work and research.

This training gave me the expected diploma and the opportunity to have competence in job seeking.

My best memories are the teachers who are available. They are a great support to provide help either on the courses content or advice us in the field of seeking employment or doing a doctorate. I also enjoyed to meet students who come from different countries with different skills and cultures.

After my internship, I was directly hired by Ponant technologies. I work as a software development engineer. I also have the opportunity to work on innovation projects in the field of cybersecurity, which is a collaborative project between Ponant technologies, Esisar and Rtone.

Esisar is an engineering school recognized for training excellent engineers. This increases the opportunities in job seeking.

I recommend this program to international students, as it is a good opportunity to prepare you strongly to have the choice of your future career, either continuing in the field of research or work in the company as well as finding an opportunity to work in France to gain more experience in your field of study.

We are happy to have been able to contribute to Prisca’s to the educational path. We wish her every success, both in her professional and personal projects!

Prisca is committed to the territory, she was asked to be an ambassador for "La Drôme c'est ma nature".