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feedforward and feedback optimal control for linear systems - 4AMAC431

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    • Lectures 12.0
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    • Tutorials 6.0
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    • Laboratory works 9.0
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    ECTS 2.5


We study a different control design methodology, one which is based on optimization. Control design objectives are formulated in terms of a cost criterion. The optimal control law is the one which minimizes the cost criterion. One of the most remarkable results in linear control theory and design is that if the cost criterion is quadratic, and the optimization is over an infinite horizon, the resulting optimal control law has many nice properties (like the robust properties), including that of closed loop stability.




Minimization of Static Cost Functions
Principles for Optimal Control
Path Constraints and Numerical Optimization
Stability of Dynamic Systems
Linear-Quadratic Regulators
Cost Functions and Controller Structures
Linear-Quadratic Control System Design
Linear-Optimal Estimation for Discrete-Time Systems
Linear-Optimal Estimation for Continuous-Time Systems
Linear-Quadratic-Gaussian Controllers


AC320 et AC421


N1 = cession normale
N2 = rattrapage
Exam = 1 examen à la fin du cours
Calculatrices autorisées + 1 feuille A4 R/V manuscrite, durée 1h30.
TP = Notations des comptes rendus


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J.F. Bonnans et P. Rouchon, Commande et optimisation de systèmes dynamiques, Editions de l'Ecole Polytechnique, 2005 (ISBN 2730212515)