Esisar rubrique Formation 2022

Learning in companies - 4AMPX428

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    • Lectures -
    • Projects -
    • Tutorials 3.0
    • Internship -
    • Laboratory works 12.0
    • Written tests -


    ECTS 16.0


This include the personal review, the three-way interview, the feedback presentation and the presentation at the Learning Actors Day 2 (LAD2). The objectives are multiple. The apprentice must be able to :

  • evaluate his ability to learn new knowledge, to solve complex problems in the company thanks to the personal assessment.
  • to present his missions clearly during a meeting with his apprenticeship master and his pedagogical tutor. He/she must be able to assess his/her skills through the three-way interview.
  • to produce a technical file of about twenty pages and a technical presentation of about twenty minutes on a subject of his choice prepared during the year thanks to the REX. It also allows the student to capitalize on the technical knowledge acquired in the company, to develop the cognitive skills of the future engineer (appropriating, capitalizing, transmitting) and to feed the interaction between the school and the company.
  • to present an assignment and its complexity factors in front of training masters and pedagogical tutors during the J2A4.


Nathalie FULGET, Romain SIRAGUSA


*PB: personal report
The personal report, written by the apprentice, is submitted to the apprenticeship supervisor for validation and possible annotation. In this report, the apprentice presents the activities carried out during the period in the company. He explains what he has learned by emphasizing the methods that will enable him to use or consolidate it. This assessment thus allows the apprentice to develop his capacity for self-evaluation. The assessment is evaluated by the educational tutor.

*E3: Interviews with 3
On a regular basis, and at least twice a year, the educational tutor, the apprenticeship supervisor and the apprentice meet in the company. They review the tasks entrusted to the apprentice. They assess the apprentice's skills and fill in the 3-way interview grid. This interview gives rise to a score agreed upon by the three parties: apprentice, apprenticeship master and educational tutor.

*REX: feedback
Each apprentice studies a "technical object" encountered in the company during an assignment or a project. Based on documentary research and/or consultation with a specialist, he or she provides a synthetic and intelligible vision of the subject to all the apprentices.
This presentation takes the form of a file of about twenty pages and a half-hour presentation (with transparencies), including questions, in the presence of the educational tutor and the other apprentices. A technical object is defined as a software tool, a hardware device, a method, a technology, a procedure or a situation for solving a specific technical problem.
The topic, chosen in agreement with the apprentice master and the tutor, must meet the following criteria

  • be directly related to the company's activity without being confidential ;
  • be coherent with the objectives of the training;
  • be likely to concern all the apprentices
    This defense is evaluated by the pedagogical tutor and the year manager. The report is evaluated by the educational tutor.
  • Apprenticeship stakeholders' day n°4: J2A4
    This day of exchange between the school and the apprenticeship masters allows the apprentices to present the technical object of an assignment in a synthetic and didactic way, to highlight the complexity factors linked to the context which make it an engineering assignment and the way you take them into account in the conduct of the assignment. This 10-minute presentation is evaluated by the apprentice masters and pedagogical tutors present.


No pre-requisite for in-company apprenticeships. Expectations evolve during the three years of apprenticeship at Esisar to reach the level of junior engineer.


BP: Bilan personnel n°4
E3: Entretien à 3 n°4
REX 1: rapport de REX
REX 2: soutenance de REX
ADP: exposé lors de la J2A4


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La bibliographie pour les REX peut être trouvé en entreprise, à la bibliothèque, sur internet.
Les documents d'évaluation de chaque partie est disponible sur l'intranet de l'Esisar dans l'onglet Formation puis apprentissage.