Esisar rubrique Formation 2022

Volley-ball - 4AMSP401

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    • Tutorials 22.75
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    ECTS 1.0


Integrate, participate and be useful to the group.
Observe a task, role, rules, and including a set of expected behaviors.
Manage uncertainty, alternatives consistent with the group.
Be accountable, be supportive.
Try, dare, take initiatives, instant decisions for the purpose of collective performance of the group.


Sébastien CRESPY


Each student will have to lead a session of EPS or group practices, in the activity / activities of his choice or given orientations.
He will have to define objectives, the means to achieve them, distribute tasks and organize the course of the session.
He is a participant in the other sessions.
15 sessions in semester 1.


However, having a background in group supervision is appreciable.


Design of the session sheet
Animation of the session
Group management assessment
Personal assessment and self-assessment "manager"


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