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Témoignage : RAQUEL ALINE RODRIGUES - Brésil

- Why did you choose Esisar?

I chose Esisar because the research in Orsys group is a high-level one in my specific field of study: chipless RFID tags. Before I came here, I read a lot of articles from these researchers and I liked very much the ideas.

- Why France?
Because the Orsys group is in the LCIS laboratory in France.

- What about your research studies here?
My studies are doing well, according to expectations.

- Living in Valence?
Yes, I'm living in Valence and I like it very much, especially because it is a very quiet city.

- What about the language?
For me French is still difficult, because in my laboratory everyone speaks English with me.

- Were you surprised by anything here?
No, though my country is very different.

- What would you advise to students who wish coming in France?
The first thing I advise students is learning French language very well before coming here, and coming here with an open mind to learn and adapt to the different cultures that we find in a single place.
 Mis en ligne : janvier 2015.