Esisar rubrique Ecole 2022

PSC - PUF-enabled Security Challenge


       Demonstrate how PUF-based security solutions can efficiently protect IoT systems.

PSC is a new CSAW Europe challenge organized by the LCIS laboratory. PSC gives students the opportunity to present innovative PUF-based security solutions to a panel of security experts.
The PUF-based security feature to be presented can address any threats of a modern IoT system from low level hardware attacks to system level attacks (hardware attacks detection, key distribution, support to secure computing ….)
The contest is organized in two steps with a qualification phasis and an on-site final during CSAW 2023. 


To qualify to the on-site final, students should submit a report specifying the PUF-based security feature. The report should include the following:
  •   A comprehensive description of the Security threats addressed by the PUF-based security feature (this can concern any levels of an IoT system). 
  •  A technical description of the security feature mechanism 
  •  A rationale justifying the use of PUF (in terms of security, system integration…)
  •   A rationale justifying the type of the PUF primitive which is to be used for the security solution.
  •   A system level analysis pointing out all the necessary steps (and associated effort) to integrate the PUF-based security feature in an IoT system
  •   A list of security and system attributes which will be further used to characterize the presented PUF based security feature.

On-Site Final during CSAW23 (9-10 Nov. 2023):

For the on-site final, the finalists will make both a presentation and a demonstration of the PUF-based security feature. The demonstration should highlight both the security efficiency and the system integration efficiency of the solution. The demo can either be based on a prototype or a simulation. Both the presentation and the demonstration should demonstrate the practical interest of the solution with respect to both system and security compared to other know security mechanisms. 

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